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If you really want to get away from it all and return to nature in all it's beauty there is no better place than Club La Vegona. A little-known and very exclusive little hideaway that specializes in comfort, privacy and highly-personalized service.

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Bo Derek

Bo Derek and friend Donaldo Monroy Owner of Club La Vegona.


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Quote from Jeraldine Saunders,

"As a former cruise director who has, indeed, sailed the seven seas more thimes than I can count, I thought I'd seen all the best vacation spots in the world... until I discovered La Vegona. Here's where you can truly escape from the maddening crowds and tourist-trap mentality of most vacation resorts. I've been there four times now, and am eager to return. It is your personal heaven-on-earth. An unforgettable experience that re-defines comfort and bliss. Just thinking about the place makes me feel good all over!

- Jeraldine Saunders
Author of the bestselling 'Love Boats' book, and creator of the hit TV series.

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Quote by Princess Lilly Laurence

"Who needs a castle, or high-rise tourist hotel, when one can escape to Guatemala and totally relax in the private rainforest of La vegona, a luxurious love nest hidden in 17 acres of lush privacy and peace. The service is white-gloved perfection, the menu is custom-designed to your taste, and your every wish or whim is handled with on-call immediacy. The aromas of exotic flora soothe the soul, and the sweet songs of colorful birds gently erase all your cares and troubles. It is a virtual Garden of Eden!"

- Princess Lilly Lawrence



Quote by Heather Hewitt

"This is the perfect getaway place! In all my travels as a top fashion and photography model for Vogue and some of the world's leading designers and beauty products--traveling with an unlimited budget--I thought I'd been everywhere and seen it all. But for the young-at-heart, and for pure, unspoiled natural beauty, privacy and serenity (with elegance and service on-call), Club La Vegona is Guatemala's best-kept secret. An unforgettable romantic sanctuary... with an atmosphere that is like medicine for the soul."

- Heather Hewitt

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Quote by Andrew Ettinger

"Welcome to Club La Vegona! You won't find it on a map. It's hidden in it's own 17-acre ranforest in the south of Guatemala. For the ultimate in rest, relaxation and privacy, this is your luxurious hideaway. It is light-years from anything like a typical tourist destination. Folks in the know come here to finish their novel, start a script, create a honeymoon, or re-new their vows... or just rediscover themselves. A place to re-charge your imagination, or get real... and a sensible treat for all your senses. My favorite find in all of the Americas."

- Andrew Ettinger, Travel Writer

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